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Customer Booking Module

miTaxi trendsetting user experience was carefully designed to maximize your passengers’ convenience, anywhere and every time they use your services. miTaxi offers booking via mobile apps, web, dedicated kiosks for hospitals and hotels or simply by calling your customer service.

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Customer Booking Features

Google Maps

All pickup & destination address are auto-completed and shown on maps to prevent any errors.

Rate Estimate

Customers can get estimate for their bookings based on distance, car type, add-ons and will have the option to pay from their mobile app or pay directly to the driver.

Auto Complete

miTaxi smart interface will increase your customer service agents’ efficiency and enable them to complete booking details in few clicks and move on to the next customer call in less than one minute.

Phone Integration

miTaxi integrates with telephony, once your customer calls in, phone number will appear on the screen with all the details and booking history.

Driver Tracking and Customer Notifications

With miTaxi your customers can now track their booking status, driver locations and get notified when driver arrives for pickup.

Auto Dispatching Module

Complete end to end and fully automated, feature rich dispatch solution that is tailored to fit your needs. With miTaxi dispatchers can easily track driver location, get real time status updates, chat with drivers, broadcast messages, replay the actual route after completion.

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Auto Dispatching Features


miTaxi auto-dispatch algorithm intelligently dispatches bookings according to your business requirements with different priorities & combination of different rules.

Automatic Area Check-in

miTaxi trendsetting algorithm tracks and identifies driver location and automatically checks in registered drivers with time stamp for the predefined area entry, then dispatches to the first available driver in queue.

Dispatch to Nearest Driver

miTaxi cutting edge dispatch algorithm can smartly define the shortest path and detects the nearest driver to the pick up location. Drivers can also bid on bookings based on priorities, scores and ratings.

Easy Dispatching

Through miTaxi dispatcher interface, dispatchers can track driver location real-time, check or update status and replay the actual route after completion.

Dedicated Corporate Interface

miTaxi dedicated corporate interface enables corporates to automate employee and guest bookings, billing reportings, track and control transportation budgets and so much more.

Driver Mobile App

Fully automated intuitive app that enables your drivers to focus on picking more orders and avoid traffic rather than wasting time calling customer and dispatchers, processing payments on old terminals or spending hours calculating their settlements

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Driver App Features

Native Intuitive App

miTaxi driver app is available on tablets and smartphones. Drivers are able to accept or decline dispatched booking requests, see areas, queues, number of cars and bookings in each area.

Real-Time Chat and Notifications

With miTaxi, your drivers no longer have to call your landline to speak with their dispatchers. With miTaxi platform, drivers and dispatchers can send messages and communicate faster and more efficient.

Automatic Driver App Updates

miTaxi Driver App is uploaded through Google Store and is updated automatically on drivers’ devices without any downtime.

Payments & Accounting Module

Attract more corporate accounts with miTaxi fully automated corporate accounting and invoicing. Eliminate vouchers’ paperwork with automated driver settlements and payments.

Payments Module Features

Drivers Settlements

miTaxi state of the art algorithm calculates and generates settlement report for each driver so you can easily pay or get payments from drivers based on your terms and rules.

Corporate Accounts Reporting

miTaxi platform tracks all bookings from corporate accounts employees System Admin can generate reports for corporate accounts bookings, generate invoices and track payments from corporate accounts.

Accept & process payments easily

miTaxi allows customers to add their credit card info on mobile app and web interface. Payments are processed automatically from mobile app once ride is completed and your customer automatically receives the invoice with payment confirmation.

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Taxi and Limo companies across the GTA are using miTaxi and taking advantage of our futuristic algorithm to automate dispatching, bookings, drivers’ settlements, corporate accounting and invoices while reducing cost of operation.

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